UFC 300 Main Card Preview, Prediction, and Odds| April 13, 2024

UFC 300 Main Card Preview and Best Bets

It is finally here dammit! It seems UFC 300 was announced so long ago but we are a few days away from what can be the best PPV the UFC has ever put together. See, the magic of betting is you can actually win money watching your favorite fights. The magic of Total Apex Sports Bets is you know where to put your money to get the best value! Without any further ado, these are the UFC 300 Main Card Preview, Prediction, and Odds.

So, as it’s natural for us, we want predictions but how about making some money in the process?

UFC 300 Fight Details

Fixture: UFC 300 Pereira vs Hill

Date And Time: April 13, 2024 @ 10:00 p.m. EST

Location: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada

#5 UFC 300 Main Card Opener: Bo Nickal vs Cody Brundage

Fighter Spread Total MoneyLine
Bo Nickal -3.5


O 1.5


Cody Brundage +3.5


U 1.5


** Odds Subject To Change**









Cody Brundage (10-5) is officially the UFC’s biggest underdog ever coming into this fight with highly-touted prospect, Bo Nickal. Nickal has been spoon-fed since his UFC debut as he comes with the promise to be wearing championship gold around his waist. Brundage comes into this bout with a two-fight winning streak, but one of them was due to DQ as his opponent elbowed him in the back of the head and Brundage couldn’t continue.

Bo Nickal (5-0) has never seen one full round of action inside the octagon as he has a 100% finishing rate within the first three minutes. Nickal has three submissions and two KOs. His strength is his massive level of wrestling, however, in his last fight vs. Val Woodburn, he showed impressive technique in the striking department and he knocked out Woodburn in a matter of seconds. Many argued that Nickal should be in the Early Prelims or Prelims given that he’s new to the scene in such a stacked card. Nickal doesn’t know what adversity is. Can Cody Brundage be the one to take him into deep waters in the opening bout of the UFC 300 main card?

Nickal vs Brundage Fight Prediction

Nickal is too good and has proven to be well-rounded. Brundage might be a step up in competition, but Nickal is on another level. He will use his grappling to take control and use his fast transitions to lock up a submission. Now, the MoneyLine on Nickal is unbettable, too much juice. However, you can play this on a variety of ways to maximize value. For our official pick, we’ll lower that -2100 into a nice price by playing Bo Nickal by Sub at -125.

Final Pick

Bo Nickal by Submission -125

#4 UFC 300 Main Card Fight: Charles Oliveira vs Arman Tsarukyan

Fighter Spread Total MoneyLine
Charles Oliveira +3.5


O 1.5


Arman Tsarukyan -3.5


U 1.5


** Odds Subject To Change**

Former lightweight champion Charles Oliveira (34-9) is back! After losing the title bout against Islam Makhachev, ‘Do Bronx’ bounced back by knocking out Beneil Dariush and stopping Dariush’s 8-fight winning streak. Oliveira has the most finishes and the most bonuses in UFC history, so he knows he is not paid by the hour. He will try to hurt you or submit you. He can do any of those without hesitating.

Arman Tsarukyan (21-3) is an up-and-comer in the 155 division, the most stacked division of them all. However, Tsarukyan made a big jump by knocking Beneil Dariush just after Oliveira did. He’s on a 3-fight winning streak with 14 finishes in his 21 wins. He will wear you down with his unrelentless chain wrestling. Tsarukyan has cardio for days, but his striking hasn’t been tested by the elite of the division (Dariush has no chin after the Oliveira KO).

Oliveira vs Tsarukyan Fight Prediction

Did we learn NOTHING from Dustin Poirier and Benoit St-Denis at UFC 299? The cream of the crop at lightweight has been ruled by Poirier, Oliveira, Justin Gaethje, and Islam Makhachev for years. Even though the new prospects bring new blood, these others are absolute killers ready to defend their positions. Oliveira is more powerful, more precise, and has no issue with being on his back as he has deadly submission threats. Tsarukyan has to do a perfect fight because one mistake is all it takes for Charlie Olives to pound you. Stop disrespecting Oliveira, thanks for the plus money.

Final Pick

Charles Oliveira ML +185

#3 UFC 300 Featured Bout Justin Gaethje vs Max Holloway (BMF Title)

Fighter Spread Total MoneyLine
Justin Gaethje -5.5


O 4.5


Max Holloway +5.5


U 4.5


** Odds Subject To Change**

As mentioned above, Justin Gaethje (25-4) is not a guy you want to mess with. Gaethje started his career 18-0 with a reckless yet powerful style. However, as he matured and saw how the top of the division controlled him, Gaethje evolved. Now, he is no stranger to a dog fight, but Gaethje will kick your legs into oblivion, will select his punches and his power is a fear factor. He has finished 21 of his 25 wins and 20 of those are KOs.

Max Holloway (25-7) is a certified future Hall of Famer as well. He made his name at 145 and is coming up a weight class to capture the BMF title. Holloway is one of the best boxers in the UFC and when he’s in the zone, he’s untouchable. His style is predicated on precise combinations, putting pressure on his opponents, and throwing volume. Holloway’s cardio is great and he can keep the pace for as long as he wants. His power is not one that instills fear, though, even less now that he is at lightweight, so he will have to touch and not be touched against Gaethje.

Gaethje vs Holloway Fight Prediction

Holloway is a decision machine, 8/9 last fights went the distance regardless of the win-loss result. He won’t knock Gaethje out, but he has a granite chin. As for Gaethje, he usually finishes business without needing the judges, but this can be a grinding battle for him at UFC 300.

Gaethje will need to kick the legs of Holloway and be sharp in his counters. Eventually, he will damage Holloway, but it’s hard to see if you can put him away. These are two durable guys. Gaethje’s four losses are stoppages, but he’s evolved a lot since then. I think Gaethje will do more damage. We’ll go with the MoneyLine since it’s not too juiced. However, if you want to maximize value, go for Gaethje by DEC +300.

Final Pick

Justin Gaethje ML -155

#2 UFC 300 Co-Main Event Zhang Weili vs Yan Xiaonan (W. Flyweight Title)

Fighter Spread Total MoneyLine
Zhang Weili -5.5


O 3.5


Yan Xiaonan +5.5


U 3.5


** Odds Subject To Change**

Zhang Weili (24-3) is ranked no. 2 in the women’s pound-for-pound UFC Rankings. Even though we know how controversial the rankings may be sometimes, this is a testament to her talent. She’s very well-rounded, has finishing ability, and is comfortable wherever the fight goes. She’s relentless, has a high fight IQ, and will use her strengths against your weaknesses. She doesn’t mess around.

As for Yan Xiaonan (18-3), she is on a two-fight winning streak over known names like Mackenzie Dern and former champ, Jessica Andrade. Xiaonan is a very good counterpuncher and has 8 KOs to her name. She is a very good striker but has a clear disadvantage in the grappling department vs. Weili.

Weili vs Xiaonan Fight Prediction

Weili is a beast, man. She will test the waters on the feet but if Xiaonan tags her or finds a rhythm, Weili will immediately shoot for takedowns and look to finish with ground-and-pound or a submission. Weili has 5 rounds to decypher Xiaonan and she will last much less to leave UFC 300 with the gold still attached to her waist.

Final Pick

Zhang Weili By KO/SUB -110

#1 UFC 300 Main Event Alex Pereira vs Jamahal Hill (Light Heavyweight Title)

UFC 300

Fighter Spread Total MoneyLine
Alex Pereira -5.5


O 1.5


Jamahal Hill +5.5


U 1.5


** Odds Subject To Change**

Alex Pereira (9-2) is a story that needs to be studied in detail. Only 11 fights in his career, just 7 inside the UFC octagon and he is already a double champion and headlining UFC 300, arguably the biggest event in the company’s history. He was a superstar in the kickboxing scene. He has one of the most prolific strikings in the world. His power is brutal and his leg kicks are devastating. Not to mention, he has the deadliest left hook in the world.

Jamahal Hill (12-1) is the former champ in this division. He won it from Glover Teixeira, Alex Pereira’s mentor. He never lost his title as he was forced to vacate it due to an Achilles heel injury. Hill is a finisher in his own right, with 7 KOs, including three in his last four bouts. Hill is a menace, but his style is more predicated on finding the angles and connecting with power as opposed to Pereira’s more complete approach.

Pereira vs Hill Fight Prediction

Don’t get me wrong, Hill is a helluva fighter. Plus, you don’t get the nickname “Sweet Dreams” in this business without being an absolute killer. However, the fact that his mobility is in question due to his Achilles concerns me. Hill is coming back relatively fast as well. To take it a notch further, not being able to move makes him almost a sitting duck for Pereira.

The Brazilian will chop Hill’s legs and calves, which are dangerously connected to the Achilles. He will compromise Hill and finish him with the deadliest left hook this planet has ever seen. Look, even if Hill was at 100%, there’s no way I’m picking a striker over Alex Pereira until proven otherwise. UFC 300 will end with an “And Still”.

UFC 300 Final Pick

Alex Pereira ML -130

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